"Overwhelmed-Thanks from the core of my heart..!"

Dear all

It's 15 October today, the (Happy!) Birthday of the school's former principal Mr. Suraj Prakash. On behalf of all his dear children and dedicated colleagues, we wish him a Very, Very Happy Birthday. May God bless you, sir!
We love you for everything you have done and for everything you will keep doing! We love you beyond reasons.

And to our (pleasant) surprise, we received a mail from our Dear Sir, acknowledging every person who took time out to wish him on this happy occasion. Through the means of networking sites, people put their Birthday wishes for Sir on record. And following is what Sir's mail contained, beautifully titled 'THANKS!' as a gesture of acknowledgement...

My wonderful young friends,
Lots of love and Greetings!!!
Received more than 450 messages, today--simply overwhelmed and humble. Feel proud to have such wonderful children.
I would like to put it as:
Always keep Schools' motto "Yoga, Karmasu, Kaushlam" -- Striving for Excellence; in to your focus.
Those who have an intense intellectual life are in the habit of reflecting, observing, putting ideas together, gradually form a mental individuality for themselves.
Over the years of my journey, trust me.. all of you have contributed to my persona.
How could I give Back---There is no way.
My dear children, in today's world, individuality is the first conquest....first stage. Once we realize within us; personal independence and consciousness arises,
In the words of Buddha, " Aapo Deepa Bhava"--- be light unto yourself.
With lots of greetings and tremendous love
Suraj Prakash

Thanks a lot, sir. We are sure, all of his students appreciate and love his ways of showing that he cares... Wishing Sir, once again, Many many Happy Returns of the day. May YOU have a happy and healthy life, Sir. :-)

CRPF Public School

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