Days And People: Then And Now!

Dear all
Second October it is, today. More than many other things, we remember this day as the birth day of The Father Of The Nation ... The birthday of Gandhiji... The day of Non-violence...

A lot could happen over a decade (Since Bapu left the physical world!)... And MANY decades are already our past now! No one has got the courage or the required wisdom to judge how much could we manage to do in this meanwhile. And how far would we dare to dream from now on!  But yes, whatever it is, howsoever we are, we hope we aren't 'that' bad to be inhabiting the same land where Bapu once walked and still lives!

Thought provoking that was! Wasn't it? Provoking sincere thoughts about the way 'they' lived and the way 'we' do! But 'we' have always been hopeful about things around us! And we will hopefully continue the legacy!

CRPF Public School

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