Kite Flying Can Hamper Electricity Supply and Endanger Lives

Dear All

·         Kite flying should be avoided since the wires of kites are metallic coated which, when in contact with live electricity wires, cause them to trip and hence disrupt power supply.

·         The metallic coated manjha is a good conductor of electricity and can prove life threatening as it can electrocute people.

·         According to estimates, tripping of just one 33/66 KV overhead line can disrupt power supply to over 10,000 residents of an area. Similarly, tripping of a single 11 KV line can affect over 2,500 residents.

·         During Independence Day celebrations in 2009, over 100 such tripping were reported. The extent of delays/ damage can well be ascertained in Delhi!

·         Kite flying in restricted areas such as Metro installations and other stipulated areas can also invite hefty penalties.

***Be responsible, Be safe! ***
Take Care

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