Our school believes in the philosophy of celebrating all the common festivals and events (national and international) irrespective of religion and region. This allows students from varied backgrounds to share their own culture and heritage as well as be appreciative of that of others. 

On the 17th of April 2021 , a special online  assembly on the occasion of the Navratri festival, was presented by the students of class VI. 

 While speaking about the occasion, teachers told the students about the importance of Navratri celebration and what does it mean Students were made aware about the ‘ nine forms’ of Goddess Durga and how Navratri celebration symbolizes victory over evil. 

This online event involved dressing up in the related attire ,  the related food items and enactment of the related historical stories , ensuring that even within a modern world, tradition and culture is kept alive. 

 Some of the students recited  Mahishasur Mardini strotam by Shakti, which symbolises the dormant or cosmic power within each individual. The students showcased Aigiri Nandini stotram through their performance of semi classical dance.  The Garba dance as well as the ‘ Durga Pooja’ dance were performed, providing the spectators with a flavor of the rich and varied ways in which the Navratri festival is celebrated in different states of India.

 Colourful posters were beautifully showcased by the students of class VI. 

 The vibrant thoughts were strung in the form of poetry and the songs portrayed the message of  optimism,that this pandemic time will pass and we all will emerge stronger 

 The essence of the festivity was truly felt and celebrated by all in the true spirit of oneness . It was a moment to be treasured by all, of a colourful virtual event.

Thanks and regards 

 Team Class VI

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