Whizz Kids Competition –Class I

To raise new questions and new possibilities, to view old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination which marks scientific advancement. To ignite such bent towards science, Whizz Kids Competition was conducted on 11th July,2019 for Class I in the Pre-primary department  where students got an opportunity to showcase their creativity and explore the world of science through various activities. Saumya of  class I-B welcomed the judge Ms.Veena Verma ,Primary Science Teacher. The students of class I presented their working models based on different concepts like hydropower, drip irrigation , air pressure in water dispenser, refraction of light in kaleidoscope, wind mill, balloon car etc.. It was a great experience for young scientists.
The prize winners of the competition are:
I position---   Parth  ( I-A)
II position --- Ashwik Gupta (I-B)
III position--- Tavishi Verma (I-C)
                      Aadya (I-C)

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