"VIRTUAL DIMENSIONS" A Special assembly by Class 12thE

On the occasion of “Earth Day” Class 12thE got the opportunity to present their class assembly.

The theme being inspired by the our mother earth, class presented their thoughts on the issue that how human are continuously destroying the beautiful life given by our nature, just by focusing on the so called “virtual world” we all have created around us in a glitch of time.
The class presented the assembly started by praying to the almighty followed by children presenting news to update all. The main attraction of the assembly was the skit where they enacted various scenes that they see daily on in the world around them, where everyone is busy in their virtual world forgetting everything that nature provided them with. They   just seize their life to social interactions via technological ways of chatting, promoting more likes for the Trans world they create around themselves. They gave solution to this problem in a fun way that everyone can relate to.
It was a fun way to learn how to protect ourselves with the technological devils around us.

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