"Unity in Diversity" Special assembly by class VI C

The students of class VI C presented their special assembly on the topic 'Unity in Diversity'. The assembly started with National song, Prayer, News and Thought for the day. All students enthusiastically participated in one form or the other. Students presented a talk on the topic justifying how India being diverse in cultures, religions and languages, stands together and proves to be a perfect example of 'Unity in Diversity'.
But the people in our country have faced discrimination largely on the basis of caste. The low castes were considered Dalits/untouchables and were denied the rights enjoyed by the upper castes. To explain this situation, a skit was performed by the students where a Dalit boy faces discrimination in school. But this little boy grows up to become a famous writer - Om Prakash Valmiki, whose autobiography 'Joothan' has been a milestone in Dalit literature. In the end, students presented a poem to express the importance of equality in the world.
The assembly went on very well and was appreciated by all. At last, Vice Principal Ma'am, Mrs. Uma Mudgal appreciated the children and showered her blessings upon them.

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