"Our Food. Our Planet. Our Choice" A Workshop

In line with the theme of World Earth Day 2019, TERI organized ‘Our Food.  Our Planet. Our Choice.’ – a multi-disciplinary, active learning workshop on promoting plant-based diet, and to instill a consciousness amongst the youth on the importance of a well-balanced and sustainable diet.
On 23nd April’19, 15 students of class XI of  CRPF Public School Rohini attended this  programmes  under the aegis of ‘Climate Jamboree’  the programme was inaugurated by the chief guest, Chef Manjeet S. Gill of Bukhara . Two of the students participated enthusiastically in ‘No Cooked Food’ competition and the other two participated in ‘Food Atlas’. The remaining students attended the workshop with great vigour.
Chef Manjeet Gill explained  the importance of healthy food and healthy eating. He emphasized that balanced eating was more essential than eating healthy, because having an unbalanced diet is one of the main reasons for diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases and more. He also stressed on the foods we are supposed to avoid for the betterment of ourselves and the environment. Foods with added sugar, processed foods are to be avoided. Also, meat consumptions must be reduced for a better environment as the meat industry has a high carbon footprint, emits a lot of greenhouse gases, and a also by 10% law, we consume a very low amount of energy. By 2030 it must be reduced to a mere 0% to save our environment.
One in every 9 people go to bed hungry. We have enough food, but we waste more than half of it. It is high time we understand the importance and take a step towards judicious use of it.

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