“HEALTHY FOOD VS JUNK FOOD" A special assembly by class VI A

The students of class VI A presented their special assembly on the topic “healthy food vs junk food". Assembly started with National song, prayer, News and poem. At last children presented a skit to highlight the importance of healthy food and harmful effects of junk food. In today's scenario when fast food is easily available on shops children are getting lured towards it. When they want they can order and grab a burger, pizza or anything they want. The importance of home made food is getting less. Gone are the days when we waited for a special occasion to eat pasta or macaroni or burger. All this is creating a serious impact on health of children at very small age children are getting BP, Diabetes, obesity etc. The motto of this special assembly was to highlight these things.
  Children were very excited and full of enthusiasm. Assembly went on very well and was appreciated by all. At last Principal ma'am Mrs. Nidhi Choudhary appreciated the children and showered her blessings upon them.

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