On Thursday, December27,2018, Class 7 students of CRPF Public school, Rohini,Delhi been to “VERMICOMPOSTING PIT” under the ISA ACTION PLAN,BRITISH COUNCIL.
The preparation for the visit and process started on December 26. The students visited the vermicomposting pit and gathered all the important information about making compost with the help of Red worms, which can be helpful in replenishing the nutrients of soil. The students prepared posters and charts after their visit to spread awareness among people to help them distinguish between the kinds of the bins based on their organic content, which can be helpful for making compost.
        The theme of the visit was “LETS LEARN TO MAKE COMPOST”. Students interviewed the compost maker about the procedure. 3000 million tons of organic wastes is produced in our country every year which can be utilized in appropriate way. All the students were enthusiastic about the entire process. Our school has taken a wonderful initiative to aware the society about preserving the environment and making the best out of waste they produce.

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