Primary Department S.St Competition

Class 4 on 20.08.2018 touched our lives.
The students of Class IV participated in this competition. They represented various personalities like Subhas Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru etc. The results were as follows:- 
Divyang Tiwari   IV-C  1 Position
Deepanshi         IV-C  2 Position
Navyansh          IV-C  3 Position

Class V  23.08.2018 - 
Freedom Fighters characters Dramatization class V. The students of class V participated in this competition with zest and zeal. The results were as follows:-
Sonal Rana           V-C   1 Position
Keshav Kant          V-D   2 Position
Shaurya Mathew    V-B   3 Position
Kasturi                    V-C   3 Position
Yash Ohlan             V-B   Consolation Prize

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