AT CRPF PUBLIC SCHOOL, ROHINI we completely understand the sensitive role of parents alongwith teachers in the development of a child’s personality.Positive change is seen in a child if parents and teachers work as a team. Keeping this in mind, with the guidance of School Principal , Mrs. Nidhi Chaudhary , school organized ‘Parent Orientation Programme’ for parents of class III students on Aug 4, 18. The wonderful session on “Good Parenting” was taken by Mr. Ranjit Majumdar- an eminent psychologist, a training professional, gold medalist trainer for students, teachers and parents. His varied experience lies in conducting workshops for professionals in all spheres all over India. He was welcomed by Primary in-charge, Mrs. Vandana Sehgal. In the beginning, through a powerpoint presentation, parents were given an opportunity to experience and understand the world  their child explores in the school .In his session on “Good Parenting’ Mr. Ranjit Majumdar discussed in detail the varied behaviours of parents like authoritative, permissive and democratic and its outcome. He very skillfully delivered A-Z of parenting. In the end he made parents to take a pledge that they would always accept their child for the wonderful person he/ she is, they would be a good role model in all they say and do and would always communicate respectfully. Parents had queries regarding their parenting which were discussed with Mr. Ranjit Majumdar. The initiative taken by the school Principal ,Mrs. Nidhi Chaudhary, proved successful as parents were satisfied and gained a new insight on meaningful parenting.

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