Class Assembly I A ( Plants- Our green friends)

Class 1A  assembly on the topic  ‘ Plants- Our green friends’ was held on 19.7.2018. Compering  of the   assembly was done by Anushka Das. News was read by Aryan Dahiya and Ansh Sharma. Thought for the day was  presented  by Sanvi Gupta. Priyanka Gupta spoke about the importance of trees in our lives.
 There was hundred percent participation of the class in the skit based on the theme . The children who portrayed as trees and Earth described their own feelings on how they feel when they are cut and are being destroyed in the name of development. 
The skit was  presented in the form of street play. It was followed by  singing of the song ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush’ . 
The assembly culminated  with the spread of a message that there is  an urgent need to conserve trees  for our sustenance ,so let’s plant more trees.

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