ABC of Life – Attitude, Belief and Courage
On July11, 2018, Class 7B conducted special assembly on the theme - ABC of Life – ‘A’ stands for Attitude, ‘B’ is for Belief and ‘C’ is Courage. There was 100 percent participation by the students of class- 7B. First, a poem was presented on the topic –‘Life’ followed by a skit about the life of a young girl – Sudha Chandran, who despite her leg amputation became an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer as well as a renowned Indian film and TV actress. A beautiful Bharatanatyam dance performance and a song on the topic – ‘Happiness’ were presented by the students. At the end, the students presented a talk on the topic – ABC of Life, depicting various attributes of Attitude, belief and Courage. The students participated in the assembly with great zeal and enthusiasm and it was appreciated by one and all.

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