Assembly of Class XB: Held on 9/7/2018

Theme: Rise from the Ashes

On 9nth July 2018 class x-B presented a class assembly on the topic ‘Rise from the Ashes’. Theca topic was relevant. We presented a few personalities who too rose from a humble background. And belonged to a middle-class family. They were all ordinary people who turned into great personalities by their hard work, determination, will power and v their huge dreams which they made real. It inspired many students, not to feel bad if they got a bad result as they could do well in their next examination or in their life with determination, will power and hard work. It taught us that success is a gradual process and striving hard for any thing can turn the tables and bring success. The assembly was concluded with a song ‘Each day I live, I want to be’ I want to be and left it’s print on every ones mind.

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