HERBARIUM COMPETETION – 2018 (Primary Department)

Herbarium competetion  for classes 4 an 5 was held on  27/4/18 .

Class 4 children prepared beautiful designer sheets using different types of leaves and flowers.
Classs-5 children prepared herbarium sheets using leaves of common medicinal plants and explained their importance.
The competition involved   identification various types of leaves and their medicinal value.
They also learnt the steps of making a herbarium process of drying , pressing and pasting of leaves. It was a great learnig experience for the students.
The results  of Herbarium competetion  are as follows
Class – 4                                                                                                                       
  A. Anushka Jaiswal              4 B                              First
  B. Baansurika Pradhan         4C                               Second
   C . Ravit kumar                   4-A                              Third
  D.  Ansh Tripathi                  4 B                                Third
  D Prangya Rani Sabat  (4C) vibhuti Chandra (4C) consolation
Class – 5
  A. Ravneet mann                 5A                              First
  B. Avni Yadav                    5A                              Second
  C  Deepika                         5D                               Third
  D  Aditya Pathak               5C                              Consolation                                                                                                                 

   Judged by –            1. Ms. Divya Sharma


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