Educational Trip of Class- IX

As a part of SSt. Assessment an educational trip to Aravali Biodiversity Park, Delhi was organised. The trip was undertaken by all the sections of class 9 along with their class teachers and the class co-ordinator during the school hours. It presented a good opportunity for the students to know more about the indigenous flora and fauna of Delhi.
It was an effort to show interdependence of flora and fauna and to what an extent have the humans been responsible for disturbing the ecological balance. It was a guided tour and our guide Mr. Gaurav was quite informative. At the end of the tour, the students were shown a short film based on the ecological balance which was loved by the students.
The endeavour was a unique experience as apart from offering a deeper insight into the interdependent flora and fauna, it facilitated the students to grasp the essential problems associated with the development of the urban areas which is indeed proving to be a bane to the existing flora and fauna.

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