Message for the Parents

Dear Parents,

Greetings from a teacher. As a teacher, I wish to express my heart and say something to you.

1. Respect a teacher/Teachers' words- Your child is my child. Believe in a teacher. Never disrespect a teacher in front of your child. I may give sometimes work which creates discomfort to you. I need your support. Help a teacher to accomplish the goals of education. When I give an assignment for your child, let him/her do it on time. The homework is not complete and you write an excuse/ note in the diary. If it is genuine, I have no problem in accepting, but if it is every time, then it hurts me. I am working day and night for my students. I need full support and care from parents. I am sharing an incident here. Once two children were caught in a cinema during school hours in school uniform. The Cinema manager called up the school. Being their teacher, I called up the mother. The mother said, I was aware of the fact that his son will go for a movie. And at the same time, she said, do not tell his father. The mother was trying to protect his son from the school without realising that her son will take undue advantage of her behaviour through out life. Watching a cinema in school uniform during school hours is not good. As a parent we should not allow such thing to happen and child should understand this. 
Sometimes, it may happen that you wish to share your concerns. Talk to the teacher directly rather talking about him/her. 

2. Make him/her resilient- Support the child to grow as an empowered child. Love him but do not over pamper. In life there will be many challenging situations. There can be n reasons for it. It may be sometimes the neighbors will park their car in front of your gate and you will be late for school or may be you will have to fight for the right. Teach your child to handle the difficult situations with peace and calm attitude.Children observe their parents and see how parents overcome out of tough situations. It develops a sense of confidence to deal with any rough situation.

3. Do not fight in front of child- Sometimes I have observed children who belong to disputed families are a little shy and introvert. They are less confident and live in their own world. Dear parents, children need your love and care. If you have some conflicts, resolve them in your space. 

4. Be a role model: Play your role- Children pick up values from home. If you say a lie, they will. If you break a rule, they will. Help him/her set a time schedule, inculcate values of punctuality and discipline. Both parents are important for the growth and development of child. Share responsibilities. Give your time individually.

5. Set a family time to laugh and share- Sometimes I find that your child has not enough stories to share. He/She appeared lonely. Spend quality time with your child so that he/she can share happy moments with others. He/She will be more comfortable in adjusting with others by being a happy child.

6. Listen to your child- Every child is unique and born with some potential. Do not force your dreams on it. Let him/her be live in a comfortable pace in this world as per his/her taste and talent. There are many diverse fields in which people are excelling. He/She may be a good dancer, a good photographer or a football player. Not every child is born to be a doctor or an engineer.

7. Give him/her healthy food- In the morning when I ask the class did you have your breakfast? Most of the hands say no...It surprise me everyday. A child is coming to school empty stomach. When your child stands in the assembly queue, he/she faints sometimes because of empty stomach and unhealthy food habits.Please take care of food habits. It is very important for the physical as well as mental growth of your child. I know your child will ask for junk food. Once a while it is ok. But you need to make a strategy to deal with his demands of eating out frequently and ordering junk food.
I tried one thing at home and it worked. You may also try it. I used to ask my daughter before making a vegetable. Which out of two vegetable she would like to eat in the dinner? She used to choose one. Because it was her choice she used to eat it. So the trick is "CHOOSE from two good options". It works!!

8. Never ever compare- Rohan has scored more marks than you. You are not so good. He is very good in English, Maths etc. Please do not use such statements of comparison. It affects the mind of a child. These statements act like a hindrance. Every child is unique.I  can say it n number of times, as I believe as a  teacher that every single child has something unique. And we as a teacher and  you a s a parent should not compare .

9. Respect and love elders- Take care of your parents, if you wish that your children should take care of you and respect you. Not just this, create a happy atmosphere and positive environment at home for the healthy development of mind and body. 
One more thing I would like to mention here. Allow your child to spend time with grand parents. The loving bond between a child and grandparents is a driving force to carry forward values of a family. This transcend is important. 

10. Restrict the gadget time and watch his/her online activities- Today's generation is born in a technology filled environment. Use of mobiles, tablets, laptops is unstoppable. But, we as teachers and you as parents can help child learn the value of time. Time is money. Check the time the child spends online. 

I hope my words will express my good feelings for your child, my child!!

Best wishes.
Together We Can!!
A teacher


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