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C.R.P.F Public School, Rohini on 19th August, 2016 provided a visual treat for the audience, at its Annual Exhibition,’16 through an impressive display of creativity and knowledge in the exhibits and high levels of enthusiasm and dedication amongst the teachers and students who organized it. Young and talented students from classes 6 to 12 employed their artistic skills and deep conceptual knowledge in their contribution to the grand event. The English exhibition through events of character portrayal, storytelling, book cover designing and a dramatic performance of a poem by Vikram Seth celebrated the epitomic works of literary geniuses in the field of English literature and the appreciation of the language by the contemporary readers. The students of Social Studies displayed their craftsmanship by paying respect to their country and its uniqueness in the form of cultural performances and art works depicting various cultures and traditions that bind the nation with their unity in diversity. The young and aspiring entrepreneurs from the Commerce stream used intellectual persuasion and various other techniques of managerial studies to showcase the product launch of an ordinary ice cream in the most creative and strategic manner. The budding poets and writers of Hindi and the Sanskrit added star attractions to the exhibition by capturing the traditional essence of these Indian languages and the uniqueness of their golden literature in their exhibits and performances on "Navrasas" and various other techniques and elements that add specialty to the languages.

The budding minds from classes 3, 4 and 5 appealed to the values and conscience of the audience by giving moral reminders through their interactive performances and displays at the exhibition. The little activists through working models, charts and a skit performance emphasized the importance of conservation of water and various methods depicting wise usage of the elixir of life. The students from the pre-primary department showcased the craft wonders their little hands created on the theme of Nature using natural materials along with various other activities of fun and learning like the Spin Wheel of Homophones.
The parents regarded the Annual Exhibition as an applaudable effort by the teachers and students of the school.
Click the following links to view the complete photo albums of the event.

CRPF Public School, Rohini

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