Dear Reader,
There are some days which are just difficult to forget and 29 January 2014 was one of such days. Our school hostel celebrated the hostel farewell that Thursday! It was a beautiful evening, saying a Goodbye to all the twelthies in the hostel. Almost all the students in the hostel contributed to the occasion.
Initially all the students in classes 12th were blessed for their approaching exams. Subsequently, Principal Sir Sh. H. R. Sharma and Vice-Principal Ma├ím Mrs. Uma Mudgal lighted the lamp “In search of God” and inaugurated the programme. This was followed by a wonderful orchestra which made the surroundings all the more musical. Then Swati from the girls’ hostel sang a beautiful solo song “Sooraj dooba hai”.
Now, the titles! All the twelthies  in the hostel were gifted and assigned with separate titles. A group of young boys performed an amusing dance and then the girls banged the dance floor! They danced beautifully and boomed the audience with lots of enthusiasm.  And then, “Yamraaj Ki Sabha”! A remarkable play; was the most cherished part of the evening. It was complete entertainment with a rousing morality.
Principal Sir addressed the crowd with his golden words full of love and prudence. And at last but not the least, everyone enjoyed the dinner, chatted amongst themselves and clicked pictures.
Summing it all up, the return makes one love the farewell.

CRPF Public School, Rohini

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