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It was after almost a fortnight of refreshing winter break that CRPF Public School organized two days of capacity building workshops. 13th January, 2015 saw a great and enthusiastic morning when Mr. Rakshit Tandon (Senior Engineer in Safe Web Surfing Dept.) conducted a workshop on ways to remain safe and secure in the virtual world. He spoke about the crimes that are carried out with great expertise in the world of online gaming, banking and surfing. Further, a great session for Educational cum Spiritual development was also carried out by Mr. Jain who is a renowned speaker on spirituality of souls.
14th January, 2015 started with a great and insightful session by a well renowned health psychologist Dr. Jitender Nagpal who spoke about various issues of the children & teenagers as they grow and start feeling cut out from society and feel lonely. Further, the day went ahead with a session regarding child abuse and sexual offences against children. A social activist and a lawyer Mr C. S. Parasher spoke about the kind of crimes and punishments under POCSO Act. The day ended by the words of great encouragement and motivation for the staff members by the Principal, Mr. H. R. Sharma.
Please read the following documents:
1. Cyber Laws – Government of India 
2. Safe Surfing by Rakshit Tandon 
CRPF Public School, Rohini

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