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Every year one of the four houses of the school gets an opportunity to present a cultural program. And this time, the members of Shradha house were obliged to get the fortuity.

On May 10th, the members of Shradha house came up with an eccentric function to be put up in front of  IG (Admn) Mr. B.K Sharma, The Principal Mrs. Meenu Tiwari, teachers and parents. The chief guest received a warm welcome; students gifted him a sapling along with a painting to honor his gracious presence.

The Principal escorted the chief guest for lightening up the lamp ceremony.
The function began with a welcome song “Jagriti” which conveyed a vibrant message ‘jo sovat h vo khovat h, jo jagat h vo pavat h’, directed by Mrs. Jutika Paladhi accompanied by Mr. Sukhmeet Singh and Mr. Dheeresh Kumar.

It was followed by the exotic performance by the school orchestra “Soothing nights in the hills”, depicting the irrational beauty of the nature. It was coordinated and directed by Mr. Amitosh Sharma. The composition was based on raga Pahadi with a touch of westernization. The synchronized melodies of sitar, guitar, violin, harmonium and the drum outsourced a breathtaking atmosphere on audience.

The IG(Admn) and The principal addressed the august gathering enlightening them about the house system and the house function. Then the House Master Mrs. Beena Sri Kumar presented the house report.
The students also portrayed the beautiful relationship of a sacrificing mother and their family members. It was truly an inspiration for the Gen-X, which is commonly resorting to disrespect towards their mothers. The play “Mother’s Day” was directed by Mrs. Amarjeet Aurora and Mrs. Avantika.

The house always encourages the meritorious students by awarding them with appreciation certificates.  Mrs. Neerja Sharma conceived the concept of the Shradha house ballet “Anjani Putra Hanuman” choreographed by Mrs. Amrita Jain. Students participated enthusiastically and came out with flying colors. The vice house master presented the “vote of thanks” remarking it as the end of the event.

The entire event stole the applause and appreciation of one and all.

CRPF Public School

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