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We must admit that the scorching heat of this summer is getting intolerable with each passing day. Anyways, we managed to beat the heat for some time at least (17 May -28 May, to be precise!), as we had a really successful Summer Camp this year too.

The diversity of activities that were offered was magnificent. Ranging from Vedic maths,Creative learning time, Computers, Science activities, Photography, Pottery, Puppetry, Making best out of waste, Meal planning, Theatre and drama to western dance and the indoor games ; the camp had everything that one could crave for.
On the last day of Summer Camp six students were awarded trophies for their outstanding performances in various activities , nine students were awarded certificates and a gift for excellence in different activities and all other participants were awarded a certificate of participation. We loved the whole feeling of having hosted a very enriching Summer Camp for these young learners. The dedication of teacher coordinators is worth applause.

On this note, we wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS. We will see you after the vacations. Till then... Enjoy, and keep following us. And yes, check out the photographs of Summer Camp by clicking here . We are sure that you will love them.
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G. Ames said...

I was pretty strict about what the kids were exposed to when they were small. I have to say that when they were little we kept TV to a minimum and we didn't have video games until Littlest was around 10. I tried to be very careful about them being exposed to "mind rot". So of course they craved it like chocolate and in middle school became addicted to Anime and Manga which is a plot to drive me in to a straight jacket holding my hands over my ears and screaming, Beatrix Potter, Louisa May Alcott, Laura Ingalls Wilder over and over again in terror. Anyway..... We did have computer games like Zoo Tycoon. Which I thought would be very educational until I heard hysterical laughter and came to find my darlings feeding the zoo guest's to the lions.