Interactive Session held on 23 Jan 2010 regarding ALUMNI MEET

Dear all

We are thrilled to inform you that we aren't alone! In the school's beautiful endeavor of organizing an Alumni Meet on Sunday, the 31st of January, we have many helping hands and well wishers now ! As requested earlier, Alumni volunteers were asked to come to school today (i.e. on 23 January) to finalize the main events for the Meet. Around 25 volunteers turned up, representing their respective batches and literally bubbling with splendid ideas !

* Since everybody wants to do everything on that day, so we may run short of time. We wish to tell you that the registration time for the event will be strictly between 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. There is absolutely no scope to extend it. If you can't make it somehow, unfortunately it will be your loss. The programme will start at 11:30 SHARP. So, BE ON TIME (as the school has always asked you to !).

* The REGISTRATION FEE ( of Rs. 200/- per alumnus) will be collected at the registration counter itself.

* The beginning of the event will be marked by a Group Photograph Session for EVERY batch. (We told you that you are going to love it !)

* The NAME OF THE ALUMNI OF CRPF PUBLIC SCHOOL will be decided there and then... with the consensus of all of you. As you can see, we have already uploaded a poll on the right side of the blog with the list of a few names suggested by the volunteers. You may vote too! Obviously, there may be other and better options. YOUR suggestions are ALWAYS welcome.

* To ensure regular organization of Alumni Meet every year, four eminent titles namely the President, the Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer will be awarded to the Alumni.

* Also, nomination of two members for the Executive Committee from EVERY batch will take place. The only reason is that we will ALWAYS need helping hands !

* Then, of course, the 'Stage is all YOURS'! Many alumni are desperate and enthusiastic to rock the show. Few batches have already confirmed their performances. But we have no intentions to disclose about their sweet secret plans ! JUST BE THERE AND ENJOY !

* We make a request yet again to mail your OLD PHOTOGRAPHS and stuff to our e-mail ID. You may also bring them along in CD's on 31 January. What is more important is that you share them with us ...

* Also, we need SUGGESTIONS, OPINIONS and COMMENTS from YOUR side. We hope that you have understood by now that This will be a meet FOR the Alumni, OF the Alumni, and let's make it BY the Alumni too. So, just don't try to hesitate in communicating and conveying your ideas to the school through this platform. The Message Board is all yours. And we are anxiously waiting for your mails too.

*And yes, did we tell you that we would love to see you dancing and having fun? No... So, let us inform you now that we have some arrangements of Music for you after lunch. Bring along your special requests for songs in CDs. It's definitely not going to be a talent hunt. It will be a Celebration of Our Togetherness.

We look forward to see you on 31 January....


CRPF Public School

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Uday Kranti said...

Dear all,
I think we all had a lot of fun today at the Alumni meet.

Some pictures of today’s event are available at:

I urge you to identify your face and tag/mark it with your name online

Besides this, do join the CRPF Alumni LinkedIn group: