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Hope this New Year brings loads of reasons for you to smile. Well, this post of ours is exclusively dedicated to the cause of our resolution of 'Always Being Connected!' through the Alumni Meet that the school plans to organize for all its Alumni and ex-teachers. We hope YOU are there with us in this endeavor!

First and foremost, we intend to inform you about the change in the date of the event. Due to the scheduled Pre-Board Examinations for Board classes and other prior reasons, the Alumni Meet has been postponed to Sunday, 31 January 2010. We regret for any kind of inconvenience caused. The decided duration of the meet extends from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We host the event in the school premises itself. The school intends to charge Rs. 200 as the Alumni Registration fee from all those who were never registered with the school's Alumni Club. The collection of fee will be done on the day of meet only.

Now comes the point where we need YOU. Yes, we invite Alumni volunteers to co-ordinate with us and hence make this initiative a success. We are holding an Interactive Session on Thursday, 14 January 2010 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the school for the same purpose. We look forward to see you there. It can neither be 'Me' nor just 'You' but 'We' who can bring this dream true. We need helping hands in almost everything!

And for all those who can't come on 14 January, we got homework for you! Tell us how you would like to name the Alumni Meet. Do send us your suggestions and possible names as we will only finalize the name with your consensus. Also, we have very little idea of what do you expect from us. So, again, tell us about the various possible ways in which we can make this meet really memorable for all of you. Write to us about games, programmes and other stuff. In fact, we invite your entries in case you want to showcase your special talents on that day. And very importantly, we request you to bring photographs and other things which you may be having that symbolize your memories and your respective batches. We would like to have a copy of them. Who knows we may even scan them for our records. We have all the intentions to compile and hence re-connect with our family members!

There is absolutely no reason for you to step back! This will be a meet FOR the Alumni, OF the Alumni, and let's make it BY the Alumni too! On this note, let us share a little secret! We are determined to make such Alumni Meets a regular feature of the school's curriculum. The school has agreed to dedicate the last Sunday of December for Alumni Re-union EVERY YEAR.

We hope we have communicated well. Click here to read Principal sir's exclusive message dedicated to the Alumni. Click here to read the formal invitation put forth by Vice-Principal Ma'am. All those who are yet to register themselves with us, click here to fill up the Alumni Registration Form. Refer to our earlier post for other clarifications regarding the same. We welcome all your suggestions, comments, opinions, inquiries and everything. Just Do Not hesitate to mail us or tag us on our message board. We are already flooded with the registration forms. We hope you will overwhelm us with a positive response to this post too. Keep following us for further updates.

Signing off by repeating ourselves ... Be a part of it and you will be never apart!

CRPF Public School

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